Fencing 101

Introduction to Fencing

When most Americans think of swordplay, the images that come to mind are either of the lumbering power of armor-clad knights battling with broadswords, or

Keeth Smart Sabre Fencer
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2003 World Championship Preview – Men’s Sabre

Keeth Smart has risen from the ranks in the US to become a powerhouse on the international circuit. Will Smart be able to outplay, outwit,

Fencing 101

History of Fencing – Where did it start?

Swordfighting as sport has existed since ancient Egypt, and has been practiced in many forms in various cultures since then. Although jousting and tournament combat


Men’s Foil: St.Petersburg 2009 Final (Video) – Yuki Ota (JPN) vs. Andrea Cassara (ITA)

Gold medal bout from the 2009 St. Petersburg Men’s Foil Grand Prix.  This bout pitted Japan’s Yuki Ota against Italy’s Andrea Cassara.  Cassara was coming