Video: Wheelchair Fencing

Check this video out for an overview of wheelchair fencing – one of the sports of the 2012 Paralympic Games. If you’ve never tried wheelchair

General News Video

2012 Olympics: Recap Video

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a YouTube channel!  In that channel they are starting to load up videos from the Olympic Games. The first

2012 Olympics Video

Meet the British Fencing Team

British Fencing has uploaded a video promoting the GB fencing team with lots of sponsor love given to Beasley, team GB’s main financial sponsor. The


Bruce Dickinson Teaches Fencing

Here’s an old video clip from MTV where Bruce Dickinson teaches a bit of fencing.  This includes the cheesy 3 musketeers style swordfight at the


Motivation: Fencing Powerful Beyond Measure

Great motivational video by user MO/Musashi. Based on the original Motivational Video by Eric Horner, this version has been redesigned and completely re-edited by MO/Musashi.