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What is your magic feather?

Fencing and Dumbo’s Magic Feather

Dumbo jumps from his platform, the “magic” feather is let go and he continues to fall towards the ground. Timothy Q. Mouse: Dumbo! C’mon, fly!

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7 Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Setting goals is one of the most commonly used training tools. Goals can organize the competitors’ focus and endeavors towards achieving a specific task. They

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Fence to Win or Fence Not to Lose?

Having goals is nothing new. Most people are familiar with the usual short-term, long-term goal plan. While there are many types of goals, the achievement-motivation

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Everything That Can Go Wrong in a Bout, Will

I’ve seen it so many times. A fencer may be struggling in a tough bout, but hanging in there. Then out of the blue, one

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Focus on Fencing

Being mentally prepared for competition can help develop consistent results. You may be able to perform up to your potential while improving your already sharpened