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Mental Training

“I am the Greatest!” – Fence with Confidence

“It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am.” – Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali is known for repetitive dominant performances in harrowing

Mental Training

Are You Ready to Fence?

The objective of mental preparation is developing a mindset that creates consistent performance your talents. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Pedro Martinez, and Michelle Kwan

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Mental Training

Mental Preparation Tips for Competition

Ready? Fence! Mental Preparation Tips for Competition Being mentally prepared for a tournament is just as important as being physically prepared. A successful fencer requires

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Anxiety on the Strip

Anxiety on the Strip : An Examination of Predictors of Precompetitive State Anxiety in Epee Fencers Research continues to look for the sources of state

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Bouting with Anxiety

How Fear of Failure Can Affect Your Fencing Fencing has been labeled “physical chess” due to the heavy emphasis on its mental game. A fencer