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The Two Words You Never Want to Hear as a Coach

Being a fencer looking to improve means never having to say “I’m Sorry”.

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The Pen and the Sword: Managing the Demands of a Professional Career and Competitive Fencing

“I make a lot of sacrifices to accomplish the things I want to get done…When you have ambitious goals; there is always a little ‘give

Fencing 101 General

The Fencing Coach’s Guide to Finding the Right Club

Every club offers a unique set of people, coaches, and facilities to satisfy a particular fencer’s needs. These criteria should help you evaluate the club that is (or isn’t) right for you:

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Collegiate News

Penn State: What We Know So Far

Author’s Note: The following article is biased and will reflect my utter disdain for the Penn State University Athletics Department and their graceless removal of


An Interview with 2013 Men’s Foil World Champion Miles Chamley-Watson

On August 9, 2013, Miles Chamley-Watson secured himself as a legend of American Fencing when he defeated Arthur Akhmatzhukin 15-6, becoming the first Senior Men’s