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Hitting the Reset Button and Moving Forward After Summer Nationals

Unless you’re a member of the Mo, Sirico, Simmons, or Horowitz families, chances are, you’re scratching your heads wondering “what went wrong and what could


The Anatomy of a Perfect Flèche Attack

At the recent Plovdiv Cadet World Championships, Los Angeles International Fencing Center’s (LAIFC) Justin Yoo lost a heartbreaking 15-14 priority bout for the Gold medal


Predicting the 2014 NCAA Fencing Championship Field

First and foremost, congratulations to 143/144 who qualified for NCAA championships. It’s a tough field every year, and the act of qualifying is a monumental

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An Interview with Max Heinzer

Max Heinzer is a global fencing phenom, currently ranked fourth in the world. Adversity seems to be the fuel of Max Heinzer. Whether he is down on an opponent, hobbled with injury, or weary from his intensive training regimen, Max’s love of fencing, resilience, and relentless determination to be the best drives him through any hardship.


An Ode to Veteran Fencers

“I don’t care about age very much. I think back to the old people I knew when I was growing up, and they always seemed