A Fencing demonstration by the Omaha Fencing Club at Borders Books

Community Blogs: Marketing Fencing Clubs

What does it take to market fencing to a local community? Can you just build a club and they will come or does it require more work? What would it take for there to be fencing clubs right next to the karate dojos in various communities?

Zaguns vs. Benko at the NYC World Cup

Photo of the Day: Funky Sabre Fencing

Take a look at the photo and add your own caption. Action photo by Amy Alden Timacheff at the 2010 NYC Women’s Sabre World Cup.

Wheelchair Fencing - S.Timacheff/FencingPhotos.com
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Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way

The sport of Wheelchair Fencing is an official Paralympic sport and was contested at the Rome Paralympics in 1960. At it’s core, wheelchair fencing is a branch of the sport that has been modified to allow participation by individuals who have lost limbs, suffered traumatic brain injuries, have cerebral palsy, or any other medical condition that prevents them from fencing on their feet.

Natalie Portman with fencing foil
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Natalie Portman Fencing and Swordfighting with Luxurious Hair

Natalie Portman uses a combination of bold fencing moves and Lux Shampoo to land a starring role in the next romantic adventure blockbuster. At least that’s the story from this Japanese commercial.


Wii Swordfighting Review

A fencer looks at the Wii Sports Resort swordfighting game: My kids (4 and 6) enjoy having a version of “lightsabre fighting” and wail away at their opponents. I’m enjoying setting up parry-riposte combos and testing out various tactics.