General Random

See Fozzy Bear Fence

The Muppets opens on Thanksgiving and has a brief “fencing” scene in it.  (Look closely and you’ll see the gear we provided for the scene.) 

2012 Fencing Calendar

New Products added for the Holidays

New products added to the Fencing.Net store for the Holiday Season include the 2012 Fencing Calendar, a new fencing poster design, plus another training document

Synthetic Sparring Longsword

Synthetic Sparring Swords from Rawlings

This range of swords is now standard in three of the largest HEMA competitions in the world and is constantly being adopted for other smaller competitions and tourneys.


Fencing + Fashion: Schönberger Chooses Fencing Theme for Adidas SLVR

This is the second collection second collection of Adidas SLVR under the creative direction of designer Dirk Schönberger.  For Spring/Summer 2012, adidas SLVR finds inspiration

Epee Fencing

Use of the French Grip in Epee

Here’s something rare – instead of a forum thread starting serious and descending into nitpicking (as often does happen in online conversations), we had a thread that started as a delayed April Fool joke/rant calling for banning the French grip in epee.