Video: Fencing Coach Ed Kaihatsu now Fencing Celebrity Ed Kaihatsu

We like to show videos featuring celebrities and fencing, but today we’re going to look at a fencer who’s pursuing his own acting career! This

BBQ Sword

Grilling with Sabres

This BBQ sword is a great gift for a sword wielding grilling fanatic. The black mask needs to be cut out from the packaging, so

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Physics at Work in these Cool Photos of Wobbly Saber Blades

Here’s an example of the flexibility of sabre blades at work. This is all part of the physics of fencing blades.   This photo reminds


Throwback Thursday: Harrods Magazine and Fencing

In December 2013 Harrods Magazine used fencing as the backdrop to highlight their fashion collection. Here’s the video: US fencers Race Imboden and Miles Chamley-Watson

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What Happens with 3 Olympians Battle 50?

This video is making the rounds again as 3 Japanese fencers face off against a horde of 50 novices to see who will win. A