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FIE To Test Epee Non-Combativity Rule Changes

Originally hinted at in an information letter from the February 2017 FIE Executive Session, the FIE is reportedly introducing a set of non-combativity rule changes

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FIE Repeals the Russian Box of Death

The temporary rules change commonly known as the “Russian Box of Death” is now dead, according to several reputable sources. For the last 8 months,


Fencing Ref: Being a Referee

The Fencing Ref Welcome to the new column The Fencing Ref where we will explore a variety of issues that referees deal with. There will

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Making the call – Attacks in Foil

This particular call is hard. It further demonstrates the danger of only watching one fencer and looking for a mistake.

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New FIE Rule for Fencing Masks

As of September 1st, 2014 fencers at FIE competitions will need to adhere to the new ruling on fencing masks needing two independent security devices.