When does the attack end in foil?

This post comes by way of the Fencing.Net forums.  In a discussion of foil right-of-way interpretations, the subject of the ending of the attack in

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FIE Bans Visor Mask for Foil and Epee

The US Fencing Association and FIE have banned the use of the “visor” masks in foil and epee following the failure of a lexan visor mask at the European Junior Championships in Odense. This article contains portions of the lab report following the mask’s failure.

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Duck and Cover – Covering Target with the Mask

Just when is ducking in foil allowed and when does it constitute covering target? In this brief guide we’ll walk through some video examples of “good” and “bad” ducking to show you a properly executed duck and one that is an infraction and should earn the fencer a yellow card.

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Foil Bib Not Target for US Fencing Events

The new foil mask featuring a portion of the bib as valid target area will not be used during the 2009-2010 season for domestic US Fencing events. The fencing mask with bib as target is required in FIE (international) events for foil fencing.


Low Line Sabre Attacks – Legal!

The FIE Arbitrage Committee overturns a recent video posted from the FIE stated that low line attacks were not valid because the point starting from a seconde (low line) guard was not threatening valid target. This statement generated quite a bit of response and concern as it was a major change in the interpretation of the attack and was issued during an Olympic year.