The demise of French fencing seems to have been overstated.

Daniel Jerent (FRA) won an all France final in dramatic fashion. (Photo: FFE)
Daniel Jerent (FRA) won an all France final in dramatic fashion. (Photo: FFE)

This was a great weekend for Team France as Daniel Jerent (FRA) defeated Alexandre Blaszyck (FRA) 15-14 to keep the title at home at the Challenge Réseau Ferré de France. France took 3 of 4 podium spots in the men’s epee individual event. 2012 Olympian Soren Thompson took home some bragging rights as well: making it to the Top 8 with a 7th place finish. Dwight Smith, who went undefeated in pools and was the only other Team USA member to make it out of the preliminary rounds to the table of 64, placed 42nd after a 15-5 defeat by Grigori Beskin (ISR).

Beskin went on to fence Gabor Boczko (HUN), and was eliminated in his bout 13-7. Boczko then fenced Micha Adamek (POL) and won 15-9. His win streak came to an end in the table of 8, where he lost to Ivan Trevejo (FRA) in a close 15-14 match. At the same time Trevejo’s teammate Alexandre Blaszyck won his bout against Soren Thompson 15-7, setting them up for a match in the table of 4 where Blaszyck bested Trevejo 15-13. Meanwhile, Nikolai Novosjolov (EST) defeated Gabriele Bino (ITA) 15-9. Novosjolov would face Daniel Jerent (FRA), who upset the number one seed Max Heinzer (SUI) in a close bout 15-14. Jerent squeaked by again against Novosjolov in another 15-14 victory, setting up a France vs. France final.

Watch the video recap of the elimination rounds and finals from the FFE:

ELIMINATOIRES et FINALE, les coulisses du… by levalloisport
Jerent won in the finals against Blaszyck in (yet another) 15-14 victory. Trevejo ultimately tied for third with Novosjolov, giving France a near complete sweep of the medal podium. Heinzer placed 5th, Boczko 6th, Thompson 7th, and Bino 8th.


Other American results: Adam Watson 120th, Alexander Tsinis 134th, Jason Pryor 138th, Justin Dion 210th, Teddy Sherrill 236th, Kevin Mo 242nd, and Nicholas Vomero 250th.



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