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We’ve had some great involvement with our Fantasy Fencing initiative for the tournament this year!
265 users signed up to participate.

By combining the rankings submitted by all of the participants we were able to draw up pre-rankings for how all of our users think the different events are going to pan out. The following pre-competition rankings were created by combining the rankings of all the users who submitted a list of preferences for Fantasy Fencing this year.

The people have voiced their opinions. But what do you think? You can follow the live championship results on and make sure to keep tabs on your fantasy team on

Here are the combined pre-tournament rankings:

Men’s Epee
1. Kristian Boyadzhiev
2. Alexander Eldeib
3. Brian Ro
4. Alex House
5. Mike Raynis
6. Dylan Nollner
7. Yevgeniy Karyuchenko
8. Jack Hudson

Women’s Epee
1. Katherine Holmes
2. Susannah Scanlan
3. Vivian Kong
4. Isabel DiTella
5. Alina Ferdman
6. Courtney Dumas
7. Francesca Bassa
8. Ashley Severson

Men’s Saber
1. William Spear
2. Geoffrey Loss
3. Adrian Bak
4. Roman Sydorenko
5. Philip Dershwitz
6. Kaito Streets
7. Shaul Gordon
8. Alexander Ryjik

Women’s Saber
1. Adrienne Jarocki
2. Gracie Stone
3. Nicole Glon
4. Diamond Wheeler
5. Alexa Antipas
6. Aliya Itzkowitz
7. Celina Merza
8. Alexandra Tannous

Men’s Foil
1. Gerek Meinhardt
2. Alex Massialas
3. David Willette
4. Nobuo Bravo
5. Zain Shaito
6. Michael Dudey
7. Michael Woo
8. Adam Mathieu

Women’s Foil
1. Lee Kiefer
2. Jackie Dubrovich
3. Alexandra Kiefer
4. Mona Shaito
5. Madison Zeiss
6. Ambika Singh
7. Sara Taffel
8. Alanna Goldie