Responsible Sports is a great site for both parents and coaches to browse for insights into the youth athlete.  Recently, the site has been publishing interviews with former athletes and coaches to bring in their own perspectives of treatment of players by their coaches and parents.

Many of these athletes are now moms and dads themselves, and are making the transition from world-class athlete to soccer-mom/dad.

In this interview, Responsible Sports speaks with Joy Fawcett, member of the US National Women’s Soccer team.

“It’s easy for coaches to pick out the negatives on the field – the thing that they want their players to do and point them out. If they can do it in a more positive way, they can accomplish both. Recognize the things that you want them to do and point it out, whether it’s ‘I really loved how you got back on defense,’ or ‘I really loved how you took that shot.'”

Listen to it over at Responsible Sports.


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  • Rene Gillock, March 14, 2011 @ 2:24 am

    This not just help but increase the self esteem of any young girl just starting the sport to see how good the Americans can be at soccer.

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