Halsted vs. Joppich 2010 European Championships Men's Team FoilThis featured video was referred by Brad in the forums.  This week the European Fencing Championships were contested.  We’re pulling together all of the information from the event but in the meantime, take a look at this video:

Brad describes the bout situation between Great Britain and Germany:

Starting at 1:06:58 on the video the score is 26-20 entering the 9th encounter with Halsted (GBR) on the left and Joppich (GER) on the right. 40 touches (and 21 minutes real time) later the match ends.

Much like an NFL game, it takes 21 minutes of real time to get through the 3 minutes of fencing action.

Have a look.  What do you think of the action?

Pay special attention to Joppich getting 2 touches in one action at 1:19:20 as Joppich gets a touch AND Halsted receives a red card (which is a point to Joppich) for covering target with the mask.  (Thanks Ian)