Pavel Kolobkov of Russia defeated Hugues Obry of France for the Gold Medal bout.

This table was created using the Official Sydney Olympic competitors and
results.  An “*” indicates an overtime win.

First Round (Table of 64)Second Round (Top 32)Third Round (Top 16)
RUS(1)  KOLOBKOV Pavel#2 World Ranking
EST(33) LOIT Meelis#61 World Ranking15EST(33) LOIT Meelis9
CHN(32) WANG Weixin #43 World Ranking7 RUS(1) KOLOBKOV Pavel15
KOR(17) LEE Sang Yup#19 World Ranking KOR(17) LEE Sang Yup8
KOR(17) LEE Sang Yup15
BLR(16) ZAKHAROV Vitali14
BLR(16) ZAKHAROV Vitali#16 World Ranking
CUB(9) TREVEJO Ivan#10 World Ranking, Silver Medal 1996
KGZ(41) PODDUBNY Alexander15KGZ(41) PODDUBNY Alexander10
EST(24) KAJAK Andrus#29 World Ranking13 CUB(9) TREVEJO Ivan15
AUT(25) SWITAK Michael#31 WR14 ITA(8) ROTA Alfredo12
KAZ(40) SHABALIN Sergey#136 World Ranking13AUT(25) SWITAK Michael11
ITA(8) ROTA Alfredo15
ITA(8) ROTA Alfredo#7 WR – #9 1999 World Champs
GER(5) FIEDLER Jorg#5 WR – 18th 1999 World Champ’s
UKR(37) GORBACHUK Oleksandr#132 World Ranking15UKR(37) GORBACHUK *9
CUB(28) LOYOLA Nelson#38 WR14 UKR(37) GORBACHUK 11
AUT(21) MARIK Christoph#28 WR FRA(12) SRECKI Eric15
AUT(21) MARIK Christoph10
FRA(12) SRECKI Eric15
FRA(12) SRECKI Eric#13 WR, 9th at 1996 Games
GER(13) STEIFENSAND Mark#14 WR, 5th at 1999 World Champs
KOR(20) LEE Sang-Ki15
KOR(20) LEE Sang-Ki#23 WR KOR(20) LEE Sang-Ki15
COL(29) RIVAS Mauricio#41 WR15 COL(29) RIVAS Mauricio13
AUS(36) HEFFERNAN Nick#77 WR10COL(29) RIVAS Mauricio15
EST(4) KAABERMA Kaido#4 WR – 7th at 1996 Games
SWE(3) VANKY Peter#3 WR – #2 in 1999 World Champs
SWE(3) VANKY Peter15
BLR(35) PTCHENIKIN Vladimir#76 WR15BLR(35) PTCHENIKIN Vladimir9
PUR(30) PENA Jonathan#40 WR11 SWE(3) VANKY Peter15
ITA(19) MILANOLI Paolo#22 WR – Faces Team Member ITA(19) MILANOLI Paolo6
ITA(19) MILANOLI Paolo15
ITA(14) MAZZONI Angelo13
ITA(14) MAZZONI Angelo#15 WR – 11th at 1996 Games
FRA(11) DiMARTINO Jean-Francois#12 WR – 6th in 1999 World Champs
FRA(22) OBRY Hugues15
FRA(22) OBRY Hugues#27 WR – Faces Team Member FRA(22) OBRY Hugues15
CUB(27) PEDROSO Carlos#34 WR, 8th in 1999 World Champs13 AUS(38) ADAMS Gerard5
AUS(38) ADAMS Gerard#87 World Ranking15AUS(38) ADAMS Gerard15
HUN(6) KOVACS Ivan14
HUN(6) KOVACS Ivan#6 WR – Finished 4th in 1996 Games
HUN(7) FEKETE Attila#8 WR – 16th in 9 Point Standings
HUN(7) FEKETE Attila*14
AUS(39) NATHAN David#152 WR8CAN(26) SHONG Laurie 13
CAN(26) SHONG Laurie #32 WR15 HUN(7) FEKETE Attila8
CHN(23) ZHAO Gang#30 WR – 24th in 1996 Games15 CHN(23) ZHAO Gang*9
EGY(42) SAIF Mohanad #80 WR12CHN(23) ZHAO Gang15
AUT(10) KAYSER Oliver12
AUT(10) KAYSER Oliver#9 WR, 11th 1999 World Champs
KOR(15) YANG Roy-Sung#18 WR
KOR(15) YANG Roy-Sung12
SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel*13
SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel#20 WR SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel15
USA(31) BLOOM Tamir#59 WR8 GER(2) SCHMITT Arnd10
BLR(34) MOURACHKO Andrei#74 WR 4USA(31) BLOOM Tamir12
GER(2) SCHMITT Arnd#1 WR – 1st 1999 World Champs

Quarter-Final (Great 8)Semi-Final (Final 4)Gold Medal
RUS(1) KOLOBKOV Pavel 15
CUB(9) TREVEJO Ivan14RUS (1) KOLOBKOV Pavel 13
FRA(12) SRECKI Eric14KOR(20) LEE Sang-Ki9
KOR(20) LEE Sang-Ki 15 RUS(1) KOLOBKOV Pavel 15
SWE(3) VANKY Peter12FRA(22) OBRY Hugues12
FRA(22) OBRY Hugues 15 FRA (22) OBRY Hugues 15
CHN(23) ZHAO Gang10SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel13 Bronze Medal
SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel 15 KOR (20) LEE Sang-Ki 15
SUI(18) FISCHER Marcel14