Speed of Fencing Video

Realized in slow motion with high-speed photography, Speed of Fencing allows the viewer to appreciate and see what happens in the mind of a trained fencer.

General Video

Epee Fencing Commentary – 2011 Challenge Monal

Lorenzo Casertano has done another commentary. this time it is of one of the semifinals from the Monal world cup in Paris between 2008 Olympic

Keeth Smart Sabre Fencer
History US Fencing News Video

Video: Story of Keeth Smart

The FIE channel on YouTube just put up a documentary clip about Keeth Smart, his career, and success at the 2008 Olympics. Keeth Smart won

Mental Training Video

Zen Warrior – Chess Master: Video

A new sport psychology video has been released that discusses the necessary psychological shifts between the analytical and intuitive (or active) mindsets during a fencing


2011 Pan Am Men’s Foil Final

Video of the gold medal bout between Race Imboden and Alex Massialas at the 2011 Pan American Zonal Championships.