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Her Second Day Fencing [image] #Awesomesauce

This gem comes from reddit where /u/phalse_prophit posted a photo of his daughter’s second day at fencing. View post on She chose fencing over soccer


FencingMob Hits the Streets September 6th

Are you ready for the #FencingMob? Join your club in the worldwide fencing flash mob and look on social media for FencingMob photos and videos

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Uptown Fencing: Engarde in Harlem [Video]

Fencing in the Schools and their program at Democracy Prep in Harlem just got featured on Vice Sports. Watch the video here: You shouldn’t have

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How to Clean a Fencing Mask

Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing mask has a bit of a stench to it. It’s time to

Felicia Day getting dressed for fencing
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Felcia Day fences in her Flog!

Felicia Day took at trip to Swordplay LA to get a fencing lesson. Check out this video where she learns some footwork, warms up, and