Outside view of the Fencing Pro 16
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Adidas 2016 Fencing Shoe

Each Olympics Adidas introduces a new fencing shoe. This consistent product delivery has fencers looking forward to Olympic years to see what Adidas will come

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A Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Masks

How to choose the best fencing mask for you? Are all fencing masks made alike? Know your needs and how to evaluate your options before

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How to Clean a Fencing Mask

Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing mask has a bit of a stench to it. It’s time to

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FIE Sabre Gloves – Required for US Fencing – Our Guide

Sabre fencers must have the FIE glove by October 1st USA Fencing has announced on July 24th 2015 that 800N Saber gloves are mandatory for

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Uses for Old Fencing Blades – Tomato Stakes

Got a bunch of old fencing blades that you haven’t left at the club or thrown out yet? Go ahead and take them to your