How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover

Over the past few years the hard blade cover has become a staple for a large number of fencers. Whether it’s to protect blades against


Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

UPDATE – May 2016: The FOC has finally seen reason and reverted their position on the mousehole wiring and issued a statement to that effect:

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New Epee Point Screw Reviewed!

We received our copy of American Fencing magazine and saw that Ben Bratton had written up a review of the NEPS screws and driver that

Asics Junior Gel Rocket
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Buying Youth Fencing Shoes

Confused about what shoes to buy your child for their fencing classes? Take a look at our guide to purchasing shoes for your youth fencer. We’ll break down a few of our finds to fit those kids with feet smaller than the normal range of regular fencing shoes.

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Leon Paul Evolution Grip

This looks interesting.  Sugru allows for molding of the pistol grip to just the exact shape that you want.  This is an evolution from the