Nike shoe prototype

From the Vault: Nike Patent on Asymmetrical Lacing

If you wanted a fencing shoe that had the lacing offset to prevent wear of the laces, you’ll need to pay Nike. I stumbled on

Princess Bride Video Parody Music Video
General Random

The Man In Black – Princess Bride 80s Music Video Parody

This one brought a big smile to my face today – a Princess Bride themed song to the tune of “You’re the Best” – the

Dagmara Wozniak fencing

Dagmara Wozniak – New Years Resolutions

Ed. Note: Dagmara Wozniak will be writing a few pieces for Fencing.Net to give a look at the life of an athlete training and competing

Fencing.Net Holiday Sale

Final Holiday Sales

It’s the last weekend of Holiday shopping and we’re also trying to close things out for the year here at Fencing.Net. That means there are warehouse December 2014

We’re Closing our Warehouse Doors

It’s time for Fencing.Net to evolve again. We’re officially closing our warehouse on December 30, 2014 and migrating all equipment sales to our partners. Why