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May I Have Your Attention Please!? – Concentration and Fencing

Being able to focus your attention properly on the task at hand is the essence of concentration.  You would think that with all of the

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Top Ten Biggest Mental Errors

Now that the season is kicking back into gear, fencers all over the country are dusting off their weapons and suiting up for another season.

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7 Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Setting goals is one of the most commonly used training tools. Goals can organize the competitors’ focus and endeavors towards achieving a specific task. They

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Everything That Can Go Wrong in a Bout, Will

I’ve seen it so many times. A fencer may be struggling in a tough bout, but hanging in there. Then out of the blue, one

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“I am the Greatest!” – Fence with Confidence

“It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am.” – Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali is known for repetitive dominant performances in harrowing