ACC Fencing coaches
ACC Fencing Coaches, from left to right, Duke’s Alex
Beguinet, BC’s Syd Fadner, UNC’s Ron Miller and
Notre Dame’s Janusz Bednarski (via @ACCpix on Instagram)

Starting with the 2014-2015 season, fencing will compete for a conference championship in the ACC.

With the addition of Notre Dame to the ACC, fencing now has 4 schools with NCAA programs, meeting the minimum requirements for a conference championship. Plans are in motion to host an ACC Fencing Championship in February, 2015.

It has been 30 years since the last ACC Fencing championships were held, but the schools are familiar with each other as they meet regularly during the NCAA fencing seasons.

The addition of Notre Dame’s program to the ACC brings in a national power to boost the profile of fencing in the conference.

Coaches from the four schools, Boston College, Duke University, Notre Dame, and the University of North Carolina met with conference officials to discuss plans on a 2015 conference championship. Lee Butler, the ACC’s assistant commissioner who will oversee the ACC Fencing Championships, is looking forward to 2015: We are happy to be able to give our fencing student-athletes the same championship experience that many their peers are getting in other sports on campus,” Butler said. “It’s great to be able tell them, ‘Welcome back.’”

The’s story includes much of the history of UNC and Duke in conference as well as more notes on Notre Dame’s entry. Read that story at