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Epee Footwork Series – Controlling Distance

Video series with Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern on epee footwork. In this series, Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern demonstrate the most effective drills for learning

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Stab those Agility Cones – Fencing Drill (Video)

Check out this video from Facebook of a drill from a club in Russia: Post by Fencing.Net.

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The Fencing Coach’s Guide to Team Relay Fencing (Part 1)

There are few forms of fencing more exciting to watch (or partake in) than a team relay match. From the collective team energy to the

Fencers Code
General Mental Training

The Fencing Coach Code of Honor

The other day, I was fencing at a tournament at the Maryland Fencing Club, and noticed that the salle’s head coach, Greg Paye had placed

General Mental Training

You Know You’re Going to Lose

This weekend I faced a teaching moment that came from an unlikely place. My sons were all taking turns at a video game. My oldest