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What is a Simple Attack?

Here’s a video from the 1992 Coaches College where coach Ron Miller leads a lecture on the simple attack.

Training Tips

Using Non-Combativity as a Tactic

In the 2012 Milwaukee Division I Men’s Epee NAC, Benjamin Wieder was facing Jimmy Moody in the round of 32. Moody secured a 4-5 touch

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Training Tips

From the Archives: Kogler Epee Traning Documents

Someone looking through some of our older forum threads for epee training information brought up a set of documents from a training camp in the

General Mental Training

Yale Researchers affirm the Hot Hand in Sports

Having a “hot hand”, going on a run, being “on fire”. Across all sports there are examples where an athlete seems to suddenly be unstoppable – hitting every action, or nailing every shot from the field. The idea of the “hot hand” in sports is something widely believed, but there has not been any scientific or statistical proof to back it up.

Footwork Training Video

Fencing Footwork Training Part 1 (Video)

This video comes from the coaching archives of the USFA Coaches College, led by Alex Beguinet. Covered in this video are the following topics: “Previewing”