Love of the Blade – Saber Coach Journeys through Olympic Disenchantment

Hristo Entropolski’s life is sewn with patches of triumph, complexity and adversity. He has criss-crossed the globe for years, participating in two Olympic Games and dozens of world championships as an athlete, club owner and coach. His journey began 50 years ago in Bulgaria, and eventually landed him in the United States. Hristo’s life is a tapestry whose saber is the needle that binds its disparate threads.


Internationally Renowned Scientist Keeps Young with a Sword in His Hand

Dr. Wallace Friedberg is known worldwide for his pioneering work involving solar radiation. He has overcome personal bouts with cancer and tuberculosis, yet still spends several evenings each week with an epee in his hand, training at the local fencing club.


Deconstructing the Art and Science of Fencing

The free arm in classical position. Modern fencers are lacking in control, are often off balance, prone to injury, and generally a disgrace to the


Fencing Footage – Fencing Shirt Friday

Michael Aufrichtig founded FencingFootage using a very simple mission statement: A Man. A Plan. A Videocam. At that time there were no videos available commercially to the fencing public and Michael used his connections with the NY fencing community of world cup bound fencers to change that.

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Road to Athens: Women’s Sabre

The 8th and final Olympic Qualifying World Cup concluded on March 27, 2004.  Based on those results the direct qualification to the Athens Games is