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How you can save $50/night on your NAC Hotel stays

Putting in a relatively small amount of time and work, we were able to cut our hotel costs traveling to national events this season almost

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American Fencer Makes Top Five of International Film Festival

This year marked the debut of the first annual Arnold Sports Film Festival. The film festival was run in partnership with Campus MovieFest and had

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BlackBlades Film Premiers at Arnold Sports Festival

Donald Anthony announced today that SwordSport and Ozone Studios will be showing the short documentary film BlackBlades has been selected to premier at the Arnold

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Fencers featured on Nowness: Video

Jason Rogers and Mihail Etropolski star the made-for-the-web fencing film “The Duel” by filmmaker Carter Peabody. The film launched on NOWNESS.com. Look for a behind-the-scenes film which includes a short interview with Jason Rogers on Nowness’ Facebook page.

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Go Fencing and Get Smarter

The science is in:  physical activity boosts your brainpower. Intuitively, it seems natural that physical fitness would be linked to sharper intelligence, and according to