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Fencing on Television: NYC Masters

Wouldn’t it be great to get fencing on television? That’s the thought and question that has driven Tim Morehouse and the development of this new

Wheelchair Fencing - S.Timacheff/
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Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way

The sport of Wheelchair Fencing is an official Paralympic sport and was contested at the Rome Paralympics in 1960. At it’s core, wheelchair fencing is a branch of the sport that has been modified to allow participation by individuals who have lost limbs, suffered traumatic brain injuries, have cerebral palsy, or any other medical condition that prevents them from fencing on their feet.

Sylwia Gruchala

Sylwia Gruchala: Behind the Mask

With her sights set on an Olympic medal in the women’s foil competition at the 2012 London Olympics, Poland’s Sylwia Gruchala recounts her entry into the sport of fencing and talks about her life in, and outside of, fencing.


The Art of Communication – Interview with Joy Fawcett

Interview with former US Women’s Soccer team member Joy Fawcett on positive coaching and parenting for youth athletes. It’s easy for coaches to pick out the negatives on the field. If they can do it in a more positive way, they can accomplish more.

What do Grenades have to do with Fencing?

What do Grenades have to do with Fencing?

I was looking through a number of fencing blogs over the past couple of days and found this one over at the blog “Autumn Lighting”