Cannabis, Fencing, Funions, and Phish

During the May Executive Committee meeting for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the committee made the decision to increase the threshold level for marijuana from 15 ng/l to 150 ng/l, creating a new victory for athletes who smoke pot.

Susie Scanlan and the women's epee team after defeating Italy
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Susie Scanlan: We Bonded as a Team

Everyone loves an underdog.  Entering into the 2012 Olympic Games, US Women’s Epee Team had climbed up to fifth in the world – up from


refFinder – Helping to Connect Referees and Tournaments

During a pause at a recent tournament I took a few minutes to record an interview with Phil Butler, one of the masterminds behind refFinder.net. At a mere 21 years of age, Phil has started what appears to be an essential part of the future of fencing.

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9 Fencers in Fox’s 99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes

Fencing is a sexy sport. At least that’s the implication as 9 fencers made Fox’s list of 99 Sexiest Athletes of the 2012 Olympics.


Classical Historical or SCA Fencing – What are they?

This post came out of one of the forum threads and I thought it made for a somewhat decent overview of some of the different