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Kliebrink Injured after Attack in Shanghai

German foilist and Olympic Gold Medalist Benjamin Kleibrink was rushed to a hospital in Shanghai, China following an assault at a restaurant. According to the


Michelle Obama gets fencing lesson from Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Michelle Obama got a fencing lesson from Team USA Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad at the 100 Days to Rio event held in Times Square, NYC. Now

Craig Harkins Epee 2008

How to Earn a Rating at a Fencing Tournament

I recently answered a question about earning a rating over on Quora. Here’s some of the response that I gave: Instead of focusing on your

us fencing home page mobile view

Assessing the US Fencing Site Redesign – Initial Reaction

Note: A few days after the initial launch of the USA Fencing site many of the errors highlighted in this article have been corrected. US

NCAA Fencing

Predict the 2016 NCAA Fencing Championships

Now that the entries for the 2016 NCAA Fencing Championships have been announced, it’s time to get your fantasy fencing picks in. 14 Meters has