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Yuki Ota motion capture

Fencing and Motion Capture – Fencing Visualized Project [Video]

This motion capture example from Yuki Ota could be the future of fencing on television: The video looks to be the latest in a project

Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich
General History

Aladar Gerevich Named 6th Greatest Olympian Ever

According to a new infographic, Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich is the 6th greatest Olympian ever. Taking into criteria such as the total number of medals, gold medals, individual gold medals, win percentage and the number of Olympic events competed in, Gerevich came out top over household names such as Usain Bolt

Outside view of the Fencing Pro 16
Featured Products

Adidas 2016 Fencing Shoe

Each Olympics Adidas introduces a new fencing shoe. This consistent product delivery has fencers looking forward to Olympic years to see what Adidas will come

Lauren and Eric walk out under guard of fencing swords. Photo: Claire Diana Photography

Eric and Lauren’s Fencing Themed Wedding

Eric and Lauren are fencers that I know from meeting them in Atlanta. This past year they got married and their wedding photographer reached out

LEGO Fencer Minifigure

2015 End of Year Traffic Report

Looking back at 2015, here is an overview of Fencing.Net’s site traffic and the insights that looking at the yearlong view can provide in planning for 2016.