Princess Bride Video Parody Music Video
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The Man In Black – Princess Bride 80s Music Video Parody

This one brought a big smile to my face today – a Princess Bride themed song to the tune of “You’re the Best” – the

Saber Fencing Lame

The Anti-Taser Saber Lame

Apparently wearing a saber lame can protect you from the electrical shock of a taser. Won’t protect you from the barbs, however. This is a

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Watch Jet’s Jeff Cumberland’s Fencing Touchdown Celebration

The New York Jet’s tight end Jeff Cumberland caught a touchdown pass from Geno Smith and went into some fencing moves for his touchdown celebration.

LEGO Fencer Minifigure
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LEGO Fencer Coming in January

In the next version of LEGO’s popular minifigures series, they are including a fencer among the available minifigures. The LEGO fencer was spoiled on LEGO’s

Endel Nelis

Trailer for Estonian film The Fencer

The trailer for the Estonian film “The Fencer” released this week to YouTube. Originally reported on Estonian Public Broadcasting, the film began shooting in February