Lauren and Eric walk out under guard of fencing swords. Photo: Claire Diana Photography

Eric and Lauren’s Fencing Themed Wedding

Eric and Lauren are fencers that I know from meeting them in Atlanta. This past year they got married and their wedding photographer reached out

LEGO Fencer Minifigure

2015 End of Year Traffic Report

Looking back at 2015, here is an overview of Fencing.Net’s site traffic and the insights that looking at the yearlong view can provide in planning for 2016.


Star Wars and the Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel [Video]

ESPN ran a documentary hosted by Mark Hamill on the influences of kendo on the lightsaber duels in Star Wars: Full video via ESPN’s YouTube

Fencing on the Big Bang Theory
General Random

Big Bang Theory: Fencing Lesson and Glove Slaps [video]

No, we don’t teach the proper glove slap technique to challenge someone to a duel when they insult you or dishonor you. Prepare for fencers


Her Second Day Fencing [image] #Awesomesauce

This gem comes from reddit where /u/phalse_prophit posted a photo of his daughter’s second day at fencing. View post on She chose fencing over soccer