Misc: How Do You Put Out Incense?

After archiving and sun-setting our forums last year, we at Fencing.net have been combing through the archives to try and preserve and convert any of

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Use L’Force: France registers lightsaber dueling as an official sport

The French Fencing Federation has given the weapon made famous by Star Wars’ characters Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader the same status as

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Fencing in the Media Friday Roundup: Chopped, Live with Kelly, and more

This was a big week for fencing in the media! Fencing found itself in a relatively large spotlight on two major, high viewership television shows


Please Say No to Fencing on Concrete!

This comes from a posting to Mariel Zagunis’ Facebook Page in which she highlights that many world cup events are held in venues where fencing

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Assessing the US Fencing Site Redesign – Initial Reaction

Note: A few days after the initial launch of the USA Fencing site many of the errors highlighted in this article have been corrected. US