Felicia Day getting dressed for fencing
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Felcia Day fences in her Flog!

Felicia Day took at trip to Swordplay LA to get a fencing lesson. Check out this video where she learns some footwork, warms up, and

Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean
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What’s Your Favorite Movie Swordfight?

Fencers love their movie swordfights. And we love to hate them for technical errors too. (Seriously, you wind up that much, you’re going to get


Happy July 4th [Photopost]

Happy July 4th! Celebrating with this photo collage for you. Enjoy! Photos: Fencing Mask – Women’s Sabre at London 2012 Olympics (Craig Harkins) Eli Dershwitz


Can’t Wait for 2061

Can’t Wait for 2061 I really look forward to seeing Halley’s Comet when it comes around again. I will not miss it for anything. I

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson

The Myth of the Lucky Touch

Have you ever had one of those bouts where you attack and miss. Then you go for the attack again – and miss? It’s easy