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Preventing Heat-Induced Injuries

Teaching coaches the early warning signs of developing heat illness makes a huge step toward prevention.


Infrapatellar Strap Reduces Pain In Athletes with Jumper’s Knee

SAN FRANCISCO – Constant jumping, acceleration and deceleration can be harmful to the patellar region over time. For athletes who jump and land repeatedly, such

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Pre-Season Work: Avoid Overdoing It

Are you overdoing your “get in shape” fitness routine? It’s one thing to marvel at the Olympic paragons of Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, or Usain


Athlete’s Kitchen – Sports Nutrition News You Can Use May 2012

More than 450 members of SCAN, the nation’s largest professional group of Sports & Cardiovascular Nutritionists (SCANdpg.org), convened in Baltimore (April 2012) to celebrate SCAN’s


Water: A Wonderful Performance Enhancer

Water is a wonderful performance enhancer. When a star U Conn basketball player took the advice of his sports nutritionist Nancy Rodriguez RD and started